Business-Driven Digital Transformation

We help organizations navigate and manage business-driven digital transformations effectively and continuously. Our expertise lies in applying a combination of methodologies, services, and cutting-edge IT-tools.


How We Help

At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to embracing a fact and data-driven methodology for managing and supporting digital transformation. While this serves as a cornerstone belief, our methodology extends beyond, placing a strong emphasis on change management as a vital component for achieving tangible results. Drawing from our extensive experience in both business and technology domains, we offer tailored services to help our customers fulfill their objectives.

Whether it’s related to cloud migration initiatives, implementing a new ERP system, optimizing post-merger and acquisition operations, or addressing other transformation needs, we support the full change journey from strategy to execution. We emphasize transparency as a mechanism to instill comfort and foster collaboration in dealing with constant change.  

Our approach integrates both business and technology perspectives, ensuring that our customers are set up for success in both the short and long term.
We are tool focused - but people and data driven!

Brian Halkjær, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Our core services revolve around:

Implementing and Securing Adoption of Modern Data-Driven Tools and Change-Workflows:
We facilitate the integration and widespread adoption of cutting-edge data-driven tools and methodologies, crucial for driving efficiency and transparency in transformation initiatives.

Facilitating Cross-Functional Collaboration:
We actively bridge the gap between business and technology departments, fostering a shared understanding and language to break down silos. By enabling collaboration, we empower initiatives related to digital transformation to thrive, and technology strategies to be aligned with business objectives.

Unlock the Full Potential of LeanIX with Factsheet Insights

Elevate the quality of your meta-data inventory with our Factsheet Insights add-on for LeanIX. Whether you're embarking on a transformative journey, striving for regulatory compliance, or managing your enterprise architecture, ensuring the integrity of your data is paramount to build trust.

Watch our brief video demonstration or reach out to us for an online presentation to discover how our automated and time-efficient Factsheet Insights seamlessly integrates with LeanIX, empowering your organization to extract maximum value from this powerful platform.

Easy to get started, easy to use, short return on investment!

Half-day Masterclass in Enterprise Architecture Management with LeanIX

Gain inspiration and actionable insights on how to effectively utilize LeanIX to maximize value for both business and IT throughout your Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) journey.

This masterclass is centered around a case and will guide you through the complete spectrum of Enterprise Architecture Management with LeanIX – from working with strategic business goals to effectively managing the technological aspects needed to support them. Additionally, the masterclass addresses crucial subjects such as governance and change management.

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