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Realize the full potential of your investments in data platforms

Increased focus on architecture of information is the key to:

  • Agility
  • New revenue streams and cross organizational services
  • Risk and cost reduction

… and realizing the full potential of your investments in data platforms.

Most transformation activities’ success, whether it is strategic option assessment, acquisition / partner integration or de-integration, major process or software change, are ultimately heavily reliant on making new combinations of high quality, well-understood data operationally accessible and usable in new engagement contexts.

However, many organizations continue to experience difficulties in realizing their planned change irrespective of chosen methodology, preferred partner or organizational configuration, often incurring longer timescales, greater costs, higher resource usage and fewer realized benefits than expected. This situation is only expected to become more stressed as the pace and nature of change is increasing.

Organizations are, of course, aware of this constant challenge, and take steps to address the perceived issues, only to experience dissatisfaction with the level and predictability of promised improvements.

Sound familiar?

Konfident’s proven and innovative approach addresses these common issues to materially reduce transformation risk, cost and resource through establishing an operationalized common language, which in practice means an unbroken red-thread from strategic idea to its operational realization in implemented software.

This approach positively impacts the way of working, the level of software and data duplication (significantly reduced thus reducing operational overhead used on securing quality and maintenance), enhances reusability (significantly increased by dependency removal and removal of discovery need), and thereby increases the organizational ability to absorb and undertake new change.

Furthermore, the way of working enables a small start, is incremental, and is scalable to other use cases; it is no big-bang requiring huge commitment to major change. The approach can be directed to typically more limited and disconnected use cases ranging from strategic and operational aspects of traditional Data Governance, Enterprise Architecture landscape rationalization, to risk management operationalization required by emerging regulation, for example. But it is done in a way that success and way of working can be replicated and scaled to other use cases and domains of interest, thereby setting the scene for a planned, benefit-driven, transformation towards a more effective organization.

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