About Konfident

At Konfident, our experienced consultants are passionate about bridging the gap between business and technology.

Since 2020, we've fostered a close partnership with LeanIX, vendor of the leading Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) solution.
Following LeanIX's integration into SAP in November 2023, and with Konfident recognized as a Nordic Center of Excellence for LeanIX, we naturally pursued an official partnership with SAP.

Focusing on the Business Transformation Management offerings of SAP, and with certified consultants within both fields of expertise - LeanIX and Signavio - we're better equipped than ever to fulfill our mission: To navigate large organizations through business-driven digital transformation with efficiency and continuous support and ensuring comfort every step of the way.

We provide:

Tool-supported Transformations
- Collaborating with client change agents and implementation partners, we navigate organizations through complex transformations, ensuring efficiency through a data-driven approach.
- Our continuous support includes translating business objectives into measurable technology goals, providing transparency and insights throughout the transformation, and delivering documented results.

Tool Implementation and Adoption
- Working closely with client core teams and stakeholders, we ensure alignment on goals and lead the implementation and adoption process.
- We execute tool implementation and configuration, pilot target use cases, and establish governance and monitoring to ensure sustainable, high-quality value creation.

Tool-related Add-ons and Managed Services
- We offer extensions and services to enhance out-of-the-box tool capabilities and streamline operational processes within client organizations.

In other words, we assist you along the full journey:

Our values

For us, it is of outmost importance that the ethical compass is set correctly. Orderliness and transparency are benchmarks in everything we do, be it internally or in relation to our customers. Everything we do must create value for the customer, and we focus on using time correctly.

The customer experience of working with us must be no less than excellent, and we would rather overperform in our search for the best solution, than disappoint. We believe that honest and professional deliverables are not only the basis for long-lasting customer relationships but also fundamental for satisfied employees who take pride in their work.