LeanIX consulting services

LeanIX Consulting Services
Konfident is a certified LeanIX consultancy partner and can help you in all phases involved in the implementation and ongoing work related to an EAM practice supported by LeanIX.


Establish vision, objectives and milestones with clear definition and alignment on what, how, who and when. Time-to-value is of the essence to build momentum.


Establish conventions, roles and responsibilities, ways of working and integration into existing processes to enable delegation and ensure sustainable value creation.


Configure LeanIX to match requirements for data-capture, reporting and tracking (e.g., adoption, complexity, etc.).


Establish relevant integrations in order to automate and increase information integrity where relevant and possible.

Roll-out & training

Establish role- and context-specific on-boarding and reference material, execute on-boarding, and ensure adoption.

Data Collection & Migration

Initial and on-going data capture and load by means of batch-imports, surveys, interviews, etc.